Anyone can view these manuals as a pdf document by clicking on the link for the desired item. To download to your local pc, when open, click File / Save As, then save the manual to the directory of your choice.


Vacuum Cleaner Manuals

Electrolux 1205 How To (1968)

Electrolux Automatic G

Electrolux Model F

Electrolux Rug Washer

Electrolux XXX

Eureka 500 Canister

Eureka 2000 Series Upright

Eureka Mobile Aire Model 1010

GE AVF-807 Vacuum Cleaner

GE Air-Flo Home Cleaner

GE Roll Easy R1

GE Home Cleaner C1

GE Swivel Top Cleaner C2

GE Swivel Top Cleaner C-11

Hoover Vacuum Brochure (undated)

Hoover Cleaning Tools -- U3901

Hoover Constellation 84

Hoover Convertible/Decade 80

Hoover Deluxe Upright Cleaner

Hoover Dial-A-Matic

Hoover Dial-A-Matic w/Power Drive

Hoover Cleaner Model 29

Hoover Cleaner Model 32

Hoover Cleaner Model 634

Hoover Cleaner Model 69

Hoover Constellation Model 82

Hoover Electric Cleaner - Special Model

Hoover Pixie Cleaner

Hoover Quik-Broom II Cleaner

Hoover Spirit

Hoover WindTunnel

Kenmore 711 Vacuum Cleaner (116.9815 1)

Kenmore 116 Home Purifier/Cleaner (116.7221)

Kirby Classic Vacuum Cleaner

Kirby Power Polisher Unit (Red Bag Lifter)

Kirby Sanitation System Model 515

Lewyt Canister w/Documents

Rainbow D3C Vacuum Cleaner

Rainbow D3C (1650 C/F) Power Nozzle

Royal Broom Vac

Royal Prince 501 Hand Vacuum

Sears Commander Imperial

Silver King Model AE

Sunbeam VCx Vacuum Cleaners


Shampooer/Buffer Manuals

Eureka Foam Rug Shampooer 34

Eureka Polisher-Scrubber 11-31

GE Floor Polisher FP4

Hoover Floor-A-Matic Shampooer/Polisher

Hoover Shampoo-Polisher-F4143

Hoover Shampoo-Polisher-5488

Hoover - The New Floor Polisher - 5450

Sears Kenmore Floor Conditioner

Regina Polisher/Scrubber - 510

Regina Steemer Carpet Cleaner


Vacuum Cleaner Miscellaneous

Electrolux 1205 Power Nozzle (1968)

Eureka Home Cleaning System

Eureka Upright Tools

Fuller V-Vac Venetian Blind Cleaner

Hoover Belts - 1985

Hoover Cleaning Equipment

Hoover Manufacturing Dates

Hoover Parts/Pricing - 1986

Kenmore 116.2650 Attachments

Kenmore 116.2860 Attachments

Kenmore Sudsmaker

Rainbow Squeegee


Kitchen Appliances

Cory Vacuum Coffee Pot Catalog - 1940

Dazey Seal-A-Meal - 1968

Dormeyer Broil-Well

Duracrest Grill / Waffler D115

Fostoria Popcorn Popper - 35108

GE Deluxe Automatic Coffee Maker

GE T82 Automatic Toaster

Hamilton Beach Food Mixer - Model D

Hamilton Beach Mixette Mixer

Kenmore 116.8236 Electric Food Mixer

Kenmore 8238 Stand Mixer (1950)

KitchenAid Mixer 1983 Pricing Guide

Oster Ice Cream Maker

Oster Kitchen Center

Proctor Silex Automatic Percolator

Regal Poly-Urn Coffee Maker

Silex (Vacuum) Coffee Maker

Sunbeam Coffeemaster Model 30

Sunbeam Coffeemaster Repair Manual

Sunbeam Controlled Heat Frypan - FP10/FP11

Sunbeam Mixmaster Model 1

Sunbeam Mixmaster 3A/3B

Sunbeam Mixmaster FC-4 Chopper

Sunbeam Mixmaster Grinder/Chopper

Sunbeam Mixmaster Hand Mixer

Sunbeam Mixmaster Power Transfer Unit

Sunbeam Mixmaster Slicer/Shredder

Sunbeam Waffle Baker & Grill (CG/CG1)

Sunbeam Waffle Baker W-2 Insert

West Bend Automatic Coffee Maker

West Bend Electric Corn Popper

West Bend Flavo-Perc Coffee Percolator



Royal Quiet DeLuxe Manual Typewriter

Western Field Camping Heater/Cooker (Wards)